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Pool Information


Hi Pool Members,

We hope you are all enjoying the pool.  It's going to be a scorcher of a weekend, so come on down to the pool and enjoy the cool water. To make sure you don't head down only to find the pool is closed, here is an updated list of reserved pool parties (check the calendar on the Home page as well):

Pool/Pavilion Reservations (pool closed to members):

Saturday, June 24th from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday, July 4th from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 5th from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Pavilion Reservations (pool open to members):

None at this time.                                                                           


A Pool Use Waiver and Indemnity Agreement must be signed by a responsible adult representing the family, group, or individual wishing to use the Pelican Lake Ranch Pool. See Pool Use Waiver and Indemnity Agreement.

A "Family Membership" for this swimming season is as follows:


"Family Membership" entitles your non-member guests to swim at no additional charge, up to a maximum of seven (7) guests per Family Membership (residents must accompany guests at time of use unless authorized by the Pool Manager). Any group of eight (8) or more guests will be assessed a fee of $30 per day.

An electronic key card is required for access to the Pool. Two key cards will be issued to each residence included in a Family Membership. Replacement key cards are available for a fee of $25 per key. The key card is to be used each time the Pool user enters the Pool facility.

Please contact the Pool Manager for more information and to request a membership.

Checks for Pool Use should be made payable to Beebe Draw Farms Authority.


Adults-only swim time 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. each morning and 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. each evening

Open swim time 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day

Pool Rules

The Pelican Lake Ranch Swimming Pool and its surrounding premises (hereinafter referred to as the "Pool") is owned, operated and managed by the Beebe Draw Farms Authority (hereinafter the "Authority"). Operation and management of the Pool is delegated to the Pool Manager and other pool employees by the Authority on a contractual basis. The following Rules are established for the safety and enjoyment of the Pool by all members and guests.

Please read and observe the following Rules. Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children and their children\'s guests. A member sponsoring a guest is responsible for the guest\'s behavior. The Pool Manager and pool employees shall give direction to members and guests to assure compliance with these Rules. Any person not complying with direction given by the Pool Manager or pool employees, 1) may be asked to immediately leave the Pool, 2) may lose the privilege to use the Pool and other Authority amenities and 3) may forfeit any membership fees. Any member asked to leave the Pool may appeal that decision to the Community Manager. The Community Manager may refer appeals to the District Authority Board.

All Persons using the Pool do so at their own risk.
No lifeguard is on duty.

As a condition for use of the Pool each member shall sign the Pool Use Waiver and Indemnity Agreement. The Authority assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with use of the Pool. Each person using the Pool must sign in daily upon entering the Pool using the sign-in sheet provided.

The Pool Manager or designated pool employee has full authority for the daily operation of the Pool. Complaints may be addressed to the Authority Manager, Lisa Johnson, at (303) 987-0835 (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m)


♦ All pool users shall obey these Rules and the directives and instruction by the Pool Manager and pool employees.

♦ Glass containers of any kind are not permitted within the Pool facility.

♦ Running on the Pool deck and boisterous or rough play is strictly prohibited.

♦ Any injury shall be reported to the Pool Manager.

♦ Non-swimmers are not permitted in water over their head unless accompanied and supervised by a swimmer over the age of 18.

♦ Diving is not permitted.

♦ Anyone with a contagious or infectious disease or illness shall not use the pool.

♦ In the event of possible or imminent thunderstorms, everyone must leave the pool.

♦ The Pool Manager and pool employees may close the Pool for any unsafe or unsanitary condition.


♦ No child under the age of 13 years is allowed to enter the Pool unless accompanied and supervised by someone at least 18 years of age.

♦ The wading pool is recommended for children less than 7 years of age. Each child must be accompanied and supervised by someone at least 18 years of age at all times.


♦ All swimmers must wear appropriate bathing suits. Jeans, cutoffs or similar clothing are not permitted.

♦ Infants and toddlers in diapers must wear swim diapers or plastic pants over the diapers.

No pets are permitted inside the Pool enclosure.

Pool activities and personal equipment

♦ Water volleyball or similar games must be scheduled and approved by the Pool Manager in advance.

♦ Large inflatable devices such as inflatable pads, inner tubes, or chairs are not permitted. Noodles and small personal inflatable devices worn around the waist and arms are permissible. Balloons are not permitted.

Pool furniture

♦ Please use care when moving furniture and return it to its original location before leaving the Pool.

♦ Umbrellas should be closed and tied when not in use.

 Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the cabana/grill/ picnic area. No alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the pool enclosure. Only non-glass containers are permitted and all local rules governing the sale, consumption and use of alcohol shall be enforced and obeyed.

♦ No food or beverages are allowed in the Pool, wading pool or splash fountain.

♦ Please dispose of all trash in provided containers.

♦ There shall be no use of illegal drugs and no use of marijuana in any form.

Guest privileges

♦ Members are permitted to bring non-resident guests; however a guest may not enter or remain in the facility without the sponsoring member unless authorized by the Pool Manager or pool employee.

♦ Guests are limited to a maximum of seven (7) per family membership at one time.

Pool parties when pool is open to the public

♦ If the cabana/grill/ picnic area has not been reserved in advance, it may be used on a "first-come, first-served" basis. If the cabana area has been reserved in advance, those using it on a "first-come, first-served" basis shall vacate the cabana area to allow its use by those who reserved it.

♦ Pool parties can be scheduled for a maximum of twenty (20) members and guests at any time during regular operating hours by giving 48 hours notice to the Pool Manager from a member who is at least 21 years of age. The person requesting the reservation is responsible for supervision of and clean-up after the party. A non-refundable fee of $20 is due and payable at the time the reservation is made. In order to inform other members and guests of the reserved use, the Pool Manager or designate shall post a notice indicating that the cabana and pool area is to be used by a party of members and guests.

Private pool parties when the facility is closed to the public

♦ Private parties can be reserved by a member from 5:00PM through 9:00PM with at least five (5) days notice to the Pool Manager by paying a non-refundable fee of $200 and a separate, refundable $50 cleaning deposit. The pool and cabana area will be closed to the public during the time of the private party.

♦ Notice of the private party shall be posted by the Pool Manager or designate to inform others of the date and time of the reservation when the facility will be closed to the public.

♦ Alcohol may be served at a private party, however all other rules concerning the use of alcohol herein shall apply.

♦ The member reserving the private party is responsible for the behavior of members and guests during the party and for adequate clean-up. The cleaning deposit noted above will be returned if the facility is left in a clean, undamaged condition after the party as determined by the Pool Manager.

Please see "Pool Use Fees" for additional information and costs associated with Pool use.




Please use the webform below to submit any questions or concerns you may have regarding the pool and a member of our team will promptly respond. Thank you!